June 28, 2009

General Electric And A Solid Manufacturing Base

"GE is kind of a microcosm for the country. It used to derive most of its income from manufacturing. It later expanded its financing unit into areas like credit card lending."

Schiff, who published Crash Proof: How to Profit from the Coming Economic Collapse in 2007, has argued for years that without a solid manufacturing base, America's position as the greatest economic power of the 20th century would not last through the 21st century. "If we're going to continue to consume, we need to start producing. We can't simply keep running deficits month after month," he wrote. " We can either ratchet down our lifestyle to reflect the fact that we're not an industrial nation, or we can make more stuff. Those are the choices."

When asked whether or not the potential still existed to turn around the economy, Schiff expressed hope that government policy would stop obstructing necessary change. "It is possible... it might not be possible given what the government is doing today, but it is possible." He also added that as long as the Fed and the Treasury refuse to allow failure, there will be no chance to let the economy restructure itself and create real wealth.
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