June 10, 2010

Washington Wants To Use Our Tax Dollars To Bail Out Greece

You probably already know that the government bailed out the American automobile industry and various banks like Freddie Mac, Fannie Mae (Public, NYSE:FNM) and American International Group, Inc. (Public, NYSE:AIG). But do you know what else Washington spent our tax dollars keeping afloat?

The diamond, music and adult entertainment industries...

This is no joke. Washington prioritized saving the adult entertainment industry before giving us a tax break and helping us put food on the table for our families -- in the middle of the financial meltdown!

And it gets better. Now Washington wants to use our tax dollars to bail out Greece when our own economy is shaky at best!

I'm sick and tired of watching while Washington uses our hard earned tax money to benefit other countries and pay for frivolous pet projects. I want to see our tax dollars spent on things Americans need.

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