September 30, 2011

Five Favorite Currencies for the Next Five Years

Anyone who listens to my economic analysis has long known that I don't see a bright future for the US dollar. But knowing where not to invest is only half the battle. More important is knowing which markets are on the rise with sound footing.

The only way to stay ahead of the curve is to research deeply and keep the lines of dialogue open with other investors you respect. That's why I recently sat down with my good friend Axel Merk, the founder and owner of Merk Investments, which manages a group of mutual funds that specializes in foreign currencies. Our conversation has been compiled in a new report entitled Peter Schiff's and Axel Merk's Five Favorite Currencies for the Next Five Years, which is now available for free download.

In the report, Axel and I take a broad look at the global economy and then zoom in on individual national economies we favor. While we share a devotion to hard money "Austrian" economics, our individual investment styles yield some interesting points of departure. We contrast our views on such potential "safe haven" currencies as the Swiss franc, Norwegian krone, Singapore dollar, and Australian dollar. We discuss in detail the potential for a collapse - or resurgence - of the struggling euro. And, of course, we evaluate the future prospects for the still highly managed Chinese renminbi, whose peg against the US dollar has been one of the dominant factors in the global economy. Along the way, we discuss other currencies before finally settling on our respective "five favorites." - in

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