October 6, 2011

Currency Outlook: Scandinavian Currencies

I like the whole region of Scandinavia for a number of reasons. A big one is that it’s a way to gain exposure to Europe without being in the eurozone.

I also like the fact that Scandinavia experienced a lot of socialism already, and they’re already dealing with the adverse consequences. I think the pendulum is swinging now in the correct direction: from more government to less government, from central planning to market reforms. Though the pendulum is swinging more slowly than I would like to see ideally, it is swinging in that direction nonetheless. And I think you want to go with that trend.

I like both the Swedish krona and the Norwegian krone, but I wouldn’t want to put both of them in a five-currency portfolio for purposes of diversification. - in Five Favorite Currencies for the Next Five Years research report

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