December 23, 2011

Krugman: I Have Been Trying To Have Him Debate Me For Years

The interesting thing about Paul Krugman is: I've been trying to get the guy on my show for years. I've been trying to have him debate me. Plenty of universities, including his own, have offered to host a debate between he and I, yet he always refuses.

You know, he likes to take a few jabs at me in his column, but why not step into the ring? Why not come on the Peter Schiff Show. I'll give you the whole two hours. You have plenty of time to talk. Why not hit at a target that can punch back, that can move. He wants to take pot shots at a punching bag. Step in the ring and have a real battle with someone who can move around and fight back.

If you really believe in Keynesian-ism; if you think the Austrians complete wrong and foolish, here's the chance to prove it. Take me down. Show me why I'm wrong. I'd happy to discuss that crazy piece that you wrote about the babysitter coop.

If you haven't seen that, go on my YouTube Channel and look at my critique of the model he holds out as [proving] that money printing doesn't cause inflation and somehow proving that the Keynesians are right and the Austrians are wrong. It doesn't prove it at all; in fact, it proves the reverse, which is exactly what would happen if Paul Krugman agreed to come on my show.

And, of course, if you don't want to come on my show, I'll come on any show you want. If you want someone else to host it, if you want to do something live, as I say, I'll meet you anytime, any place and we can discuss—it doesn't even have to be a debate; it's a discussion—we'll discuss economics; we'll discuss Keynesian-ism versus Austrian School; and we'll discuss what's going to happen to inflation and the value of the dollar and the price of gold. - a transcript from a Schiff video from Beacon Equity

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