April 21, 2013

One Way Or Another We Are Going To Have A Dollar Crisis

"If you remember, gold actually performed better before the 2008 financial crisis then it did after the 2008 financial crisis. It`s all about the money printing, the money printing is going to continue, the inflation is there, it`s there in assets right now, it`s in the bond bond, it`s in the stock market, is back into the real estate market.

The money is being printed, that is the definition of inflation. (...) Prices are rising, everybody who shops knows that. But eventually you are going to see much higher increases in consumer prices. The government will not be able to hide  that with the CPI and the Fed is going to be in a box. It`s going to have to either raise interest rates or admit that they can`t. But one way or another we are going to have the dollar crisis. It`s not a question of it, it`s a question of when." - in CNBC 

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