September 21, 2013

QE Has Succeeded In Hiding The Truth

Peter Schiff is probably the biggest critic of the QE program. He believes the U.S. economy will not have a real recovering as long as this type of monetary stimulus is being delivered:

"But the reality is that the economy will never regain true health as long as the stimulus is being delivered. Despite trillions already administered, the workforce is shrinking, energy usage is down, the trade balance is weakening, savings are down, inflation is showing up in inconvenient places, debt is up, and wages are flat. So while QE has succeeded in hiding the truth, it hasn't accomplished anything of substance. Unfortunately, the Fed is only interested in the headlines." - an excerpt from The Taper That Wasn`t

And you have to love the article`s title. The taper that wasn`t. Brilliant.

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