December 6, 2013

Gold: A Very Healthy Correction

Well, obviously some of the people who made a lot of money in gold over the years may have decided to cash in, but I think — more likely I think the speculators, who finally, finally got into the gold market over the last couple years decided to get out and cut their losses, because I think they saw the big run-up in the stock market, they believed all the hype about the recession being over, about the Fed being ready to tighten and take away the QE, and I think they believe that the case for gold was undermining.

So they sold their gold and went back into the stock market, because that's where a lot of that speculative money came from. It came from stock market investors, who had lost money in the market over five or 10 years, didn't own any gold, and then after seeing gold go up four or five times decided that they would want to buy some. And they got shaken out of the market in its last correction, and I think that's very healthy, because I think the next leg up in the bull market — I think we have a long way to go before some of those speculators get back into the market, and of course by the time they do the prices will probably be well in excess of $2,000 an ounce. - in TWST

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