April 27, 2010

New Book: How An Economy Grows And Why It Crashes

Perhaps even more frustrating than watching our economy being swallowed by runaway debt and government intervention is trying to explain the danger to friends, co-workers, and family members who are often disinterested, confused, or otherwise brainwashed by the talking heads on TV. I’ve been fighting this battle for years and it never gets any easier.

Unfortunately, most people suffer from the delusion that economics is too difficult to understand. Worse yet, many just consider it too boring, and would rather watch paint dry than read a book on the subject.

In order to get passed these hurdles, I have written a new illustrated book, entitled “How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes,” that presents these issues in a fun, no-nonsense manner that everyone can enjoy and understand.

Those who have seen me on television know that I rely on analogies to get my points across. This new book, which I co-wrote with my brother Andrew, is a 230 page allegory that imagines the United States as a small island initially inhabited by three people with stone-age skills and a subsistence economy. Using humor, tons of clever illustrations, and parodies of well-known politicians and economists, I use this simple island society to explain how an economy grows through savings, investment, and sound money, and why it crashes through excessive borrowing, spending, government debt, and inflation.

“How an Economy Grows and Why it Crashes” is an updated and re-imagined version of a book my father put out more than 25 years ago that has since become a cult classic among followers of free-market economics.

Unlike my prior books that were written primarily for investors, this book will appeal to a much broader audience. Because of this, I hope it will be a powerful tool for those hoping to educate their friends and family about the current crisis. The hardcover edition, which will be priced at $19.95, will arrive in stores by early May. But it is available now at Amazon for just $13.57. (Click here for more details) If you don’t get it at Amazon, be sure to ask for your local bookseller to order you a copy today.

Over time, we expect this book to be a big hit; but by ordering a few copies today, you can help push it to the top of the bestseller lists, where it will be much more likely to grab the attention of the media, book reviewers, and retail stores. We need to teach as many people as possible what causes these unnecessary crises – and try to prevent the next one from coming to pass.

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