June 29, 2010

Investing In China

In fact, a strengthening RMB is part of my thesis. They're one of the reasons I'm in China. And my whole focus on my Chinese investments is domestic demand. I want to benefit from the increased purchasing power of the Chinese middle class, and that is exactly what a strengthening RMB is going to lead to.

(I am investing) mostly in Chinese companies that are growing market share in China. I also play the Chinese market by buying some of the resource companies around the world in Australia, Norway, Canada, that supply raw materials to Chinese industry ... but my main focus is on Chinese companies and also companies that are on [the] periphery, you know in Singapore, other companies in southeast Asia, of course Hong Kong, which is now part of China. There are a lot of companies there that are very well positioned to benefit from a growing Chinese economy. That doesn't mean that there aren't any U.S. companies that can benefit as well. I just think that you get more bang for your buck investing in Chinese stocks.

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