March 21, 2011

Rising Prices, Inflation And 1 Dollar Bills

In fact, they’re denying that there’s any connection between rising prices and the money they’re printing. I mean, they’ll claim credit for rising stock prices, but they don’t want to, say, accept responsibility for rising oil prices or rising food prices. They deny that there’s any inflation, even as inflation has driven the costs of printing money. The government admits that the cost of printing money has risen by 50 percent in the last three years.

In fact, it’s getting so expensive to print $1 bills that they’re thinking of not printing them anymore. It’s really ironic. There’s all this inflation, the Fed can even see it in how much it costs it to print money, yet they don’t even realize that there’s inflation. And the reason that it costs so much to print money is because they’re printing so much money. They’ve driven up the costs. - in indexuniverse

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