July 29, 2011

Any Dip In Metals Prices From A Settlement Is Likely To Be Very Fleeting - And A Great Opportunity To Build Your Positions Before The Great Ascent Returns

Gold is breaking all-time records so often recently, it's becoming commonplace. This month was no different, with gold breaking the important $1600 barrier - and it's still going. Meanwhile, silver is back above $40 and looks set to continue this momentum. For all those who claimed the big metals correction in May was the end of the bull, allow me to point out that I never once lost sight of the fundamentals and once again they are manifesting themselves.

In this issue, Jeff Clark makes a good case for why gold and silver have plenty of room for further gains this year. And I discuss the big question on everyone's mind: how will this debt ceiling issue affect the price of gold and silver in the months and years ahead?

The good news is that any dip in metals prices from a settlement is likely to be very fleeting - and a great opportunity to build your positions before the Great Ascent returns. - in Schiff`s Gold Newsletter

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