January 5, 2012

This Could Be The Year That Gold Beats Its Inflation-Adjusted All-Time High

There is a lot to look forward to in this new year. After all, this may be the year that weaker member-states are booted from the euro. It might be the year that the People's Bank of China makes explicit its covert policy of gold-buying. And it could be the year that gold beats its inflation-adjusted all-time high of $2,300/oz.

As I explain in my commentary, I think the current euro trouble and dollar rally have created another historic opportunity to diversify out of dollars. When everyone is buying, that's when you want to sell.

Though it may seem like everyone has been buying precious metals the past few years, it's still a very small percentage of the market compared to those buying dollars. Just ask an investment advisor at any of the big banks what percentage you should allocate to gold and silver vs. dollars and Treasuries. They'll still say to put your savings in US government assets, even though that has been a losing bet for a decade! - excerpt form the Schiff Gold Report

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