August 23, 2012

Akin, Rape And Abortion: The Truth Behind The Controversy

From The Peter Schiff Show: Judging by the comments on this video many of you are missing my point. If someone is pro-life, and allows an exception for rape, they must define what type of rape qualifies. I am not saying that non-forcible rapes do not occur and are not wrong. It's just that there is no immediate physical evidence to substantiate them. In contrast there is amble physical evidence to suggest forcible rape. Therefore, if any rape qualifies, any woman claiming she was raped could have an abortion, even if she was not raped in any manner. So anyone claiming to be pro-life, that makes an exception for any type of rape, is in fact pro-choice. That is because any woman who chooses to have an abortion would also choose to lie about having been raped to qualify to receive one! After all, look at all the people who lied about their incomes to qualify for mortgages. Terminating an unwanted pregnancy provides an even greater incentive.

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